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Melissa Muldoon - Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer

I live on the beautiful coast of Devon, and I love Devon.  I spent my childhood here and returned when I had children as I wanted them to have the 'Devon Magic' woven through their childhood like it was through mine.


Devon is a massive part of my work, I love to work along the lines of nature, animals, countryside, shorelines and the sea. This has led me to become involved with saving our natural world and I work almost entirely with re-used and recycled products.  I work hard at keeping rubbish out of landfill, at turning something broken and useless into something useful, or pretty or maybe as a medium to get the message across about the waste it has become.

I also illustrate children's story books, mindful colouring books and work with logo and graphic design.  My portfolio grows by the day and I love every part of it.


Cut short, if it's creative I love it. 

"Melissa Muldoon - Creator"

If you are interested in helping me to reuse some items please get in touch, I will happily accept items such as tea-bag cases, used sparklers, some wire from electrical cables, Christmas hats etc.  In return you'll get a free shipping coupon for your next order!  If you want to know what I use these reusable items for have a look in my STORE.

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